What is the ‘Boat and Beach House’?

In the past few months, India’s first and only official tourist-style boat and beach house has been opened in Mumbai.

The B-boat and beachhouse is located in the Marina Bay Sands area and is being run by The New Indian Boat Company. 

It has a large swimming pool with a bar and restaurant inside, as well as a dining room and bar.

It is an open-air venue, but has a separate, outdoor terrace.

It features a large terrace with a deck overlooking the waters.

The venue is open for overnight stay from October 30. 

The B-Boat’s owner and owner of The New India Boat Company, Suresh Kumar, said he was a big fan of the B-boats.

“We always love B-ships.

We always wanted to build a boat that would be used for boating, camping and tourism,” Kumar told NDTV.

He said the idea was to build something unique and beautiful that would not only bring joy to the locals, but also the tourists who would enjoy the outdoor experience. 

According to Kumar, the beachhouse has two separate terraces for the guests and two outdoor terraces.

There are a swimming pool and outdoor bar, while there is also a private dining room. 

Kumar told NDtv that it was a challenging decision to build the boat but that he has always wanted a place to relax and have fun. 

“We wanted a little bit of a romantic ambience.

We were also looking for something a little more informal and modern than the normal tourist bachai,” Kumar said. 

Suresh said the first B-boules were built for the Indian Tourism Board in 2006.

They are designed to be used by private families, he said.

“The B boat and the beach houses are different.

They were meant to be shared by private individuals. 

We are doing the same thing here, but now we are building two B-Bs,” he said, adding that he hopes that he will get more visitors and that it will be a popular place. 

After more than a year, the owners of the first boat and a second one are looking to expand the size of the venue. 

 “The venue is quite small.

We have only one pool, and there are only two outdoor areas.

So we will be expanding the venue to add a second outdoor area,” Sureshar Kumar said, explaining the cost of the construction. 

This year, The New Indian Boat Company is hoping to add another four boats to the pool and bar, with the addition of a bar. 

For the first three months, the new facility will be open to all. 

A total of six B- and B- boats will be built at the Marina Beach Sands area, according to the company’s website. 

At the moment, the B and B boats are only open to Indian tourists and tourists from outside India.