When Barbie’s dream home is stolen

When Barbie dreams of living in a castle, it seems a good idea to make sure her dream house is secure.

In the past, the Barbie dream house was built by her father, the late Steve Johnson, who designed the homes of a few other characters, including the fictional Princess Leia.

But when she became a princess, Johnson left the castle and built a home on his property.

Now, the home on Johnson’s property is being stolen.

In the meantime, the house is now on the market, and the internet has been buzzing with speculations about the real-life dream home that Barbie is going to live in.

The internet has even taken a stab at predicting what it will look like.

In a Facebook post, a woman named “Sharon” claimed that Johnson’s dream house would look like this:And then someone else, “Bunny”, took the picture and tweeted it out:And now, people are sharing their theories on what the future will look the same as it did on Barbie’s dreams:I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not real!

We’re not living in the future!”

But I’m afraid it’s true.

And we’ll never be able to tell if this is real or not.

The internet was in a frenzy after the first image of Johnson’s castle went viral, and now it’s not going to stop there.

A new video posted to the YouTube channel “Real Housewives of Orange County” is giving viewers a look at what’s happening to Johnson’s house right now.

It’s not hard to guess what Johnson’s future will be like:He’s planning on building a castle in the middle of a neighborhood that is “really crazy.”

The house is supposed to be open to the public and he will even be offering free tours.

“People are going to be allowed in here and all of the craziness is supposed a little bit of a theme park,” Johnson said in the video.

In order to keep the castle safe, Johnson will also be building a security system.

But he says it won’t be like the castle he designed for Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi.

“I’m gonna do a real castle, not a toy castle.

I’m gonna have real security.

And I’m going to have security cameras that are real-time,” Johnson told TMZ.

Johnson said he will be “building this thing up.”

“I know that if you don’t build it up, they will be coming,” Johnson added.

“I’m just gonna take care of it.

And if they break in, they’re gonna break the whole house.

It will be a very, very different castle than it was before.

But if it goes down, it’s going to fall down.”

It’s not just the people living in Johnson’s mansion that are worried about the castle’s safety.

Johnson’s daughter, Lizzie, is planning to live with her parents in the mansion for a while.

Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter that his daughter would be living in an area that’s “kind of out of the norm.”

“She’s going into a neighborhood where there’s not too many people and you can walk to any of the restaurants that are right here, and you could walk from one restaurant to another,” Johnson explained.

“She’s not in a neighborhood with too many neighbors.”

Johnson’s mansion has a very large garden and lots of windows, which makes it very easy to see out into the countryside.

In order to protect the house, Johnson has installed security cameras around the house and has installed a security gate that can be opened and closed.

Johnson has also installed locks to the house that will prevent anyone from going in and out.

“We have all these locks on the door and all these windows and we’re going to keep them in, and if there’s any kind of attack that happens, we’re just going to lock them,” Johnson, Johnson’s wife of 23 years, told the outlet.

“You’re not gonna be able come in and get in here.”

Johnson’s daughters, who are also his legal guardians, are keeping an eye on the house.

Lizzies, who is a licensed social worker, is going out on vacation this weekend.

She’s planning to visit with her grandparents for the first time.

“They’re always saying they’re going on vacation with their mom, and I’ve never had a parent say, ‘Hey, I’m not coming out to see you because I want to protect your house,'” Johnson said.

“But we’re gonna have them, and we’ll be back in two days.”

The real-estate market has been very volatile over the past few months.

Last month, a California woman named Michelle M. was sentenced to 30 days in jail for stealing Johnson’s home in Los Angeles.

In June, the real estate market dropped after a woman in Michigan named Kristi Johnson was sentenced for burglarizing her home in Detroit.

It was only a few months ago that a woman from Georgia was sentenced in the