‘The Most Interesting Man in Hollywood’ is a new series from TechRadars UK exclusive to Netflix

Now that we’ve covered the world of The Bachelorette, the next series of House Blueprints is looking to be a bit different.

The series is set to debut on Netflix in March, and while it’s only available in the UK, we’re able to get a look at some of the locations in Hollywood that we’ll be visiting, as well as a preview of the new season.

Check out the list of places we’re taking in our exclusive preview below.

If you haven’t watched The Bachelor yet, here’s the official synopsis: “The most interesting man in Hollywood.

Justin Bieber’s future wife is living in Los Angeles and he wants to make it work, but will his girlfriend, Olivia, be able to keep up with him?”

The Bachelor: Justin Bieber will have a “very exciting future” in House Blueprint, which is set in the Hollywood Hills, where he and Olivia are living.

He and Olivia will “have to learn to work together and have to get used to each other” as they “must decide what they want out of life.”

House Blueprints will take place in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Hollywood, which was home to the former Bachelor in 2009 and The Bachelor in 2015.

You can see more of the Beverly on our full exclusive preview article and stay up to date on our House Blueprices page.

As for Olivia, she’s not quite as hot as her Bachelor, but it’s not entirely her fault.

Olivia is a bit of a wildcard in House Blueprint as she’s never really had a good relationship with her Bitch.

In fact, she thinks she’s in a relationship with another woman and was forced to get her mom to help her out.

“I am in a very happy relationship,” Olivia said.

“My mom’s not into that type of stuff.

I think it’s the way my mom is.”

We don’t know what to expect from House BluePRICES in the coming weeks, but we’re looking forward to it.

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