FourFour Two: New Neighbourhood: This old house is getting more than just a name

A new house is coming to the city’s so-called “old neighbourhoods”, which are home to the elderly, the homeless and those with mental health problems.

FourFourTwo has learnt the owners of this old home, with a long history of homelessness and mental health issues, are moving in on their property.

The house was once the home of a local gang who would regularly beat up people who came in their home, the owner said.

“The neighbours would always call us, because they’d heard about this place and they knew there were gangs,” he said.

“The place was so small, they would beat up the residents on a regular basis.

They would have them kicked out and beaten up by the neighbours, so it was just an absolute disgrace.”

Mr Mowgli is the owner of the old house and is moving in with his daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

His neighbours have been “really supportive”, he said, and the building is well-kept and well-lit.

He is planning to add a “few” more bedrooms, to make the place a bit more family friendly, he said