Teen house love for Minecraft survival house, clipart

A video that’s been circulating online of a teenage house full of Minecraft-loving housemates has gone viral after it was uploaded to the Minecraft Survival House YouTube channel.

The clip, titled “Minecraft is the best game ever” shows a bunch of teens playing Minecraft, while a Minecraft player talks to one of the girls.

A girl in the video asks the boy, “What are you?” to which he responds, “You’re the house.”

The video is uploaded to YouTube, and was first seen by users of the Minecraft YouTube channel, who then shared it on Twitter and Instagram.

“Minecraft is a great game, I just wish it was like Minecraft,” one user of the channel wrote.

“I love Minecraft!”

Another said, “I’ve played it on my computer since it was beta and I love it!”

“I love the game,” said another user.

“And it’s a lot of fun!”

The Minecraft Survival house was set up on a large house on a farm in the mountains of Wyoming.

It features a few Minecraft characters and a few other Minecraft creations.