Obama says no to Trump-like travel ban

The White House has refused to rule out a Trump-style travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries, but has repeatedly said it is not the only option.

President Barack Obama, in his final remarks before leaving office on Friday, said he was open to discussing ways to curb terrorism and travel from a wide range of countries, including some that are currently under investigation.

“If there are any issues, I think we can look at that,” he said.

But he declined to endorse a specific proposal.

Asked if he would revisit a travel ban imposed by former President Donald Trump, he said, “No, because it would be politically unpopular.”

“There are many other ways to protect Americans from the threat of terrorism,” he added.

Obama said he would not rule out other options, including an emergency travel ban and a broader ban on certain countries with high numbers of Muslims.

Trump’s temporary travel ban was announced last month.

He said the travel ban would be “a political, a moral, a constitutional, and it’s not what we should be doing in this country.”

Trump, however, called it a “big mistake” in a statement that day, calling it a Muslim ban that he has supported “since day one.”

He has also criticized the U.S. vetting process, which he has said he is considering.