What We Know About The White House Shooting (From The Timeline)

It seems like a given that President Donald Trump will soon be out of the White House, but what will he do to start the process of transitioning to the new role?

The answer is: not much.

We’re going to find out in the next few days.

In the meantime, here’s what we know about the shooting at the Whitehouse.

What we know: What is it?

It’s a murder investigation involving a white supremacist.

Why did it happen?

The man who fired the shots was a former Marine, David Berkowitz, who had been on the force for 10 years and served in Iraq.

He has an extensive criminal record, including assault and battery charges, drug trafficking and weapons charges.

His wife was shot and killed by Berkowitz in 2014.

Who are the people involved?

There are five people who were at the scene: Berkowitz’s wife, Kayla Berkowitz; Berkowitz son-in-law, Joshua David Berkow; his daughter, Karina Berkowitz and her boyfriend, Eric Berkowitz.

Berkowitz was an Army veteran who had served in Afghanistan.

The gunman also reportedly had a lengthy criminal record in Texas, including convictions for possession of stolen property, theft by deception, aggravated assault and attempted burglary.

What is the motive?

Police said that the motive was domestic.

They were looking into whether the motive for the shooting was domestic or domestic-related.

What are the victims?

Two women were shot in the head and are in intensive care, while a third woman was shot in her right arm and was being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

What was the motive behind the shooting?

Berkowitz had previously posted anti-government messages on Facebook, including one that said: “Our government is a cancer on this nation.

They are destroying the Constitution and our country.

We will NOT allow them to continue.”

In the post, Berkowitz said that he was angry that “the American people are fed up with the federal government, and that we are being taxed into oblivion.”

He also claimed that the federal debt was “worth $19 trillion.”

Berkowitz also called for “a revolution” in Washington, and called for a “revolutionary army.”

Why did he kill the women?

Berkow had previously called on his followers to “destroy the WhiteHouse and all federal agencies” and to “take over the White house, and they are going to do that very soon.”

He had also called on followers to kill “every single person who works for the federal or state government, as well as every single one of the judges, bureaucrats and political operatives who are out there in the government.

He had said that his goal was to “cleanse” the nation and to have a revolution.

Why was Berkowitz shot?

There have been several theories as to what motivated Berkowitz to carry out the shooting.

Theories include: a dispute over who was the rightful owner of the property, or that Berkowitz wanted to use the property to attack his former boss.

Or he was frustrated with Berkowitz for leaving the military, and wanted revenge.

Or, Berkow’s father-in and fiancee, Johnnie Walker, said he was a “drug dealer” and was seeking revenge against Berkowitz over his alleged involvement in a domestic violence case in 2016.

Police said at the time that Berkow fired his gun at a person in a white shirt and jeans, then fired a shot from a shotgun.

A third person, also in the house, was wounded.

What did Berkowitz do to get away with his actions?

Berkows wife, and her fiance, were shot during a domestic dispute between Berkowitzs son- in-law and Karina, who was also in a relationship with Berkow.

Berkow claimed that Karina threatened him by saying she was pregnant, and had a miscarriage, and she wanted to end their marriage.

He also allegedly told Karina to leave him and her baby at home because he had an appointment at a clinic.

He said that she was “bored” and left the house to get to her car.

Police found a shotgun in the driveway.

Did Berkowitz have a motive?

It seems that the only motive for this attack is revenge.

If this was a domestic conflict, he would not have killed Karina and her child.

It is possible that Berkows anger about being out of a job and living with his ex-wife prompted him to lash out at Karina.

Police have not ruled out that the shooting may have been a case of domestic violence, but it’s not clear how much he actually did or did not do to justify his actions.

What will the timeline look like for Trump?

According to the timeline, the shooting took place at around 1:30 a.m. on April 13, when the president and first lady arrived at the residence.

Here’s the timeline: President Trump leaves the White Senate Office Building in Washington.

1:45 a.M.

President Trump