When you’re playing Minecraft, you’re not actually playing the game

There’s no such thing as a perfect Minecraft house.

But there are plenty of houses to be found in Minecraft, and many of them have been lovingly recreated by fans.

We’ve rounded up some of the best, most interesting and, of course, the most well-known.1.

The White House, The WhiteHouse.comThe White House is one of those houses that can be found, in its original form, in the original Minecraft version.

The original Minecraft game is set in the early 1800s, but the mod for Minecraft 2 adds a whole host of new buildings to the game, including a White House.

The mod is the first mod to incorporate the White House into the game.

The house was a big hit in Minecraft’s early days.

In addition to the White house, there are several other buildings that have been modded in to Minecraft 2: The Complete Edition, including the Lincoln Memorial, the U.S. Capitol, the WhiteHouse, and more.2.

The Moccasin HouseThe Moccasins are one of the more unusual mods.

It’s set in a moccasin-style home, complete with a giant, faux-studded fireplace.

It was created by a fan who wanted to create an “outdoor house”.

But the house was never meant to be used in the game’s world.

Instead, it was created as a reference for other houses in the Minecraft universe, such as the Whitehouse, the Capitol, and the WhitePillow House.3.

The Mansion, TheMansion.comMinecraft 2 introduced the “Mansion” mod.

The “M” stands for “Minecraft” in the name.

This house was made in a version of Minecraft that had not yet been released.

A few people used the house in their mods and created their own versions of the house.

The main building has a staircase that leads to a “mansion”, with other rooms inside the mansion as well.

The mansion itself is a replica of the White Pillow Mansion, which was created in the same style as the mansion.4.

The Pompano Beach HouseThe Pompanoes are a famous Minecraft mansion in New Jersey.

Built in 2007, it has a large garden that has a garden and is also home to the mansion itself.

The Minecraft version of the mansion also features a floating, faux house that is designed to resemble the Pompa-Pom-Pompa Mansion in the show.5.

The O’Hare AirportThe O’hare Airport is the home of the O’hare Airlines, one of several planes that flew between Chicago and New York during the 1990s.

A number of modders have used the O:H to create their own aircraft, including one who used the mod to create the O2, the O-1 and O-2, which were used for flight operations in the 1980s and early 1990s respectively.6.

The New Jersey Statehouse, TheNewJerseyStatehouse.comOne of the most popular mods to appear in Minecraft was the “New Jersey State House”.

It was designed by a modder to look like the New Jersey statehouse.

The statehouse is an architectural structure that is the oldest house in New York State.

The structure was constructed in 1871 and has since been modified numerous times.

It has been the home for politicians from both political parties.

The Statehouse was also one of a number of houses that was used as a place to house various objects and animals.7.

The Empire State BuildingThe Empire State building is one the largest structures in the world, and it’s also one that is very much a part of the Minecraft community.

The first version of this mod was released in 2005, but was soon expanded with new features.

A new version of it was also released in 2010, and is one that has been modified several times.8.

The Dune ValleyThe Dune River was originally intended to be a river in Minecraft but it turned out that the river wasn’t exactly the kind of thing you’d want to live on.

A modder was able to add waterfalls, rivers, and a variety of other features to the Dune in Minecraft 2.

It took over a year to add all the features in Minecraft: The Official Edition.9.

The Great WallOf course, Minecraft fans have also created their very own Minecraft houses.

The classic Minecraft house, the Iron Golem, was created for a mod called the Ironman.

A sequel was released called Ironman II, and that mod is one in which you are able to create your own Minecraft house from scratch.10.

The Crystal CaveIn Minecraft 2, you can create a house using various materials.

You can even use a building as a crafting station, with all of the different materials available for building and crafting.

The only limitation is that you cannot build on the top of