How to make a Minecraft house

When the Dutch house of hoops was a hit, its owner decided to build it himself.

The man behind the house, who has since sold it to a family, told The Globe and Mail that he started by taking a look at a Lego model of the house and making his own.

But the Lego house turned out to be much bigger than he imagined.

“I could have done it on my own,” he said.

“I thought the house was just about 10 metres long.

I thought the roof was 20 metres long, but it was like 40 metres long.”

After spending three months building the house in his spare time, the owner decided it would be worth it to make it his own and he wanted to share it with his neighbours.

“This is what he’s made,” said his son, who asked not to be named.

“It’s really amazing.”

In the end, the house is actually 10 metres tall and is actually made out of bricks and wood.

He said he and his son were inspired by the house’s inspiration and decided to make his own version of the same thing.

“We want to use the house as a place where people can learn how to make houses,” he explained.

“When I’m teaching, I see it a lot and I see a lot of students making houses and I think: this is amazing.”

So I wanted to do the same.

“To make his first version of a Minecraft home, the boy used the house builder’s instructions and created a “faux house” by combining a Lego base with wooden blocks.”

The boy then added a roof, a few pieces of wood and a couple of windows and doors. “

That’s what we did.”

The boy then added a roof, a few pieces of wood and a couple of windows and doors.

He said he was able to add a few more features before it was complete.

The home is about 1.5 metres high, and is about 10 centimetres wide.

It has three bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.

“It’s very simple,” said the boy, who is studying at an Australian university.

“But it’s very impressive.

I’m very happy to make something that is so big.”