What’s happening in the city of New Orleans as the floodwaters rise again

By KAREN J. HALLMANA, APNew Orleans — New Orleans is getting a boost in its efforts to help flood victims, with the city government issuing a new set of guidelines for landlords who have received insurance claims related to the massive storm.

In addition to a mandatory 10-day notice to notify tenants if they need to evacuate, the city has set a mandatory time limit on insurance claims and a minimum payout for homeowners who don’t pay.

The city also announced a series of $1 million grants for homeowners to help pay flood damage claims.

In New Orleans, homeowners with losses greater than $10,000 pay 25 percent of their losses toward a flood insurance claim, with a maximum of $50,000 payout.

The move comes a day after the city also issued new guidelines for renters.

The city will waive insurance requirements for renters with losses of less than $5,000 and will waive mandatory eviction notices for new renters.