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An unknown number of people have started a petition calling on the Maharashtra government to remove the iconic Cool Minecraft House from the state’s National Gallery of India (NGI).

The petition, which has garnered over 200,000 signatures in less than a month, is in support of the iconic house, which was installed in 2012 by the legendary artist and photographer Ronnie Mcdonald.

The house is situated on a plot of land at the NGI, which houses some of India’s most iconic buildings, including the Taj Mahal and the Taj Maumani.

However, the house was removed from the gallery after the state government refused to take up the issue.

The petition has now gone viral, with people asking the government to return the house.

The NGI has now put up a notice on its website asking people to leave the house in its entirety, and asking them to contact the department of local development.

The notice further reads that it has been advised that it is a private property, and that the owners can decide their fate.

“The people of the state have taken this decision without any public consultation,” the notice reads.

“In the future, the owners will have the final say on the fate of the house and its future use.

The decision to take it down was made by the department without consultation or consultation from the NIA,” the department’s director, Sanjay Mehta, told Quartz.

According to the petition, the NNI was established by the state in 2008 after the Narendra Modi government was elected in the state.

The home was constructed by Mcdonald in 2012 for a retrospective exhibition by the NPI.

It is situated in the grounds of the Ngi, and is a landmark of India.

The building itself is of an early-20th century design, featuring a central air-conditioned area and glass walls.

It has also featured sculptures by Indian sculptor and landscape architect K.V. Ramaswamy, whose work has been showcased in India and abroad.

According a 2011 NGI report, Cool MineCraft House, a building constructed in 1932, was removed as the NHI refused to accept its application for a licence, which would have allowed it to be used as a museum.

It was taken down after a petition led by the artist and artist Kiran Bedi and a local community had launched a protest against the decision.

In November 2015, the state of Maharashtra passed a bill that would have permitted the NDI to demolish the house, but the petition had gathered over 250,000 supporters.

“We are asking the state to take the decision based on the best interests of the people of Maharashtra,” the petition reads.