This house in Canada has a pretty sweet, hidden story

A pretty, hidden house in the Canadian Rockies is a perfect spot for a romantic weekend getaway.

It’s called the Golden Horseshoe, and it’s a property owned by a Canadian family with a story that goes all the way back to the 1890s.

In fact, the property was first purchased by a British couple in 1890, but the couple had to move out after the property’s original owner died in 1901.

When the family bought the property in 1924, the owners decided to move the family to the area around the house in order to create a new home for the grandchildren.

They named the property after the legendary horse, which they thought was a reference to the story of the Golden Horse.

The story goes that the horse was born of a union between a British and an Indian family and lived for many years on the property, before he was taken away by the British to be sold off in a bid to buy the land for the future home of the family.

The British government took the horse back to England and eventually sold it in 1930 for $1.

The Golden Horse legend is a part of Canadian folklore and the family is now in a long-running legal battle to regain possession of the property.

CBC News recently traveled to the Golden House in the Rockies to visit the property and hear the story behind it.