NSW police warn of ‘catastrophic’ flooding as flood warning issued for Surfers Paradise and the Cairns region

NSW police have warned of a catastrophic flood warning for Surfies Paradise, Coffs Harbour, the Cairs, Cairn and Port Macquarie as the state braces for a “catastrophe”.

Key points:The Surfers’ Paradise and Coffs Peninsula areas are on “red alert” due to severe flooding from the weekend’s severe thunderstorm and hail warningsThe storm brought severe rainfall and severe flooding in Surfies and Coffes Peninsula regionsThe region is on “Red Alert” due an extremely high risk of flooding and severe thunderstorms over the next 24 hours, police sayEmergency services have been urged to make immediate access to Surfies, Coffses and the Coffs River safer.

Emergency services in Surfers and Coffses are advising people to be “extremely cautious” after the region experienced heavy rainfall and hail.

The storm has brought severe rain and hail in Surfiers Paradise and a heavy rain shower that hit Coffs and Coffins Peninsula.

In Coffs, emergency services have advised people to stay at home and to not travel unless absolutely necessary.

“We are urging anyone travelling to the area to be very cautious and to make an emergency call to a service or contact your local fire station if they need to speak to someone urgently,” emergency services said in a statement.

Emergency Services Commissioner Mark D’Arcy said the state’s emergency services were working closely with the Federal Government and the State Government to ensure everyone in the region was safe.

“The weather is unpredictable and we will be monitoring the weather closely to ensure it does not impact on the region,” Mr D’arcy said.

“At this stage, we do not anticipate any impact to the local communities.”

The storm came on Saturday night, with heavy rainfall causing flash flooding, flooding and landslides in Coffs.

The rain is now over and people have begun returning to their homes.

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