Obama administration to ‘take a hard look’ at Trump’s tweets

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday that President Donald Trump is expected to take a hard-line stance against the new U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Trump on Monday signed a new executive order that imposes additional sanctions on Iran.

The order will not affect the sanctions on other countries and countries have until September 20 to comply.

Earnest also said the White House will “continue to take all steps necessary to support the international community in our efforts to bring these sanctions into effect and to prevent Iran from further destabilizing the region.”

The sanctions will apply to individuals and entities and impose sanctions on financial institutions and banks that support Iran’s ballistic missile program.

Trump’s order targets entities involved in providing financial and other support to Iran’s missile program, including banks and other financial institutions.

The U.N. Security Council passed the resolution unanimously on Monday.

The United States has said the sanctions are aimed at preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and that Tehran is in violation of its commitments under the nuclear deal.

Earnst said the new sanctions could also affect U.K. banks that provide financial services to Iranian entities.

The White House also announced Thursday that the administration is also working with the U.k.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to “determine the appropriate course of action for the U .k. to take to prevent further disruption in its banking system.”

The U .s.

Treasury Department said it is also conducting a review of U.s. sanctions on the banking industry.

The move comes after the Treasury Department issued a memo in January saying the new measures could “result in significant financial harm to U. s national security.”

The Treasury Department is reviewing all of its sanctions on individuals and organizations that provide or participate in financial transactions to ensure compliance, the memo said.

Earned said that the FCA is reviewing the order to determine whether any restrictions are warranted.

Earnes said he would not speculate on what impact sanctions might have on the economy.

Earnings said the administration’s goal is to prevent Iranian entities from getting “more involved in our economy.”

He added that “all of our sanctions have been targeted at financial institutions that are involved in that activity.”

Trump on Thursday signed a similar executive order.

The new sanctions include a ban on all U. S. financial transactions with Iran.

This includes direct transactions, and indirect transactions that include money transfers and payment of other transactions.

Iran is already subject to a series of sanctions on its ballistic missile and ballistic missile development program.

The Treasury also announced Wednesday that it is imposing additional sanctions against banks that participate in the Iranian ballistic missile trade.

The sanctions also include sanctions on banks that supply or support the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and its ballistic missiles and related activities.

The FCA said it will also “evaluate” the U-K.

sanctions and determine if the U S has “sufficient flexibility” to comply with them.

The Iranian government has consistently denied any support for terrorism, and Earns said that Trump’s move “takes a hard line against Iran.”

“I think that’s going to have to be a tough conversation that we’re having with the president and the secretary of state,” Earns told reporters.

He added: “I can’t tell you what that conversation will look like right now.

But we’ll continue to work closely with the Treasury department.”