How to listen to the loud house in your own house

A family in Australia has spent years learning to listen in the house and the family is now sharing their experience on social media.

Key points:Family and friends are sharing their journey through loud house technologyKey points Loud house technology is an emerging trend in AustraliaThe technology has become popular among young families for the simple reason that it lets them get away from the noiseSource: ABC News | Posted November 14, 2018 15:32:15The family’s son was one of the first to try the new technology, and he describes it as a new way to be close to friends and family.

“It’s not as much of a rush as you might think to get into it, it’s more about being really quiet and just being relaxed in a quiet environment,” he said.

The family spent about five years learning how to use the technology, but as it was becoming popular with families, it was also becoming popular among friends and neighbours.

“There are quite a few families that have just bought one or two of these devices, and we’ve just got our own family now, so there’s quite a lot of them,” he added.

The technology allows a user to create an artificial home space out of the house, and in the process, create an environment that can be easily accessible to everyone.

“When we’re out in the field, we’ll just be sitting at the end of the road, and you’ll just turn the radio on and it’ll start playing the radio and the TV on and you’re just listening to the radio, so it’s a really relaxing experience,” he explained.

The father of four, who has a disability, said the technology has helped them get more away from distractions and to stay close to their friends and their families.

“I think a lot people have been listening to podcasts and listening to music and just relaxing and just watching TV and so I think we’ve definitely had a really good experience and a really easy time in using the technology,” he continued.

The Loud House Challenge is one of several initiatives aimed at helping people live more naturally in their homes, and is being run by the Australian Institute of Rural Development (AIRD).

Mr Kieser said the idea of being able to create a quiet, comfortable, and safe environment has helped the family and friends to reconnect.

“People are coming back to the house to have a conversation, to listen and just having a great time, and I think a really nice experience for people is having a conversation with people in the same place as you and being able for a short period of time to just talk to each other,” he told ABC News.

The AIRD has also launched a community of community partners to help encourage people to share their experience with the technology.

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