What is a ‘ghost town’?

FourFourtwo – FourFour Two’s sister show Six’s A Night In A Ghost Town recently got its own show, but is it really a ghost town?

And what is this place called?

The answer to all these questions can be found in a very strange little house in Amityville, Tennessee.

The house, known as the Amity House, is in the Amacy, the small community in the town of Amity that’s the setting for the infamous horror film, Amitytown.

The Amity house was built in 1915, but it was not officially registered until 1967, when it was purchased by the owners, and in 1972 the home was built again.

The Amity Hillside Cemetery was established in 1971, but only became available in 1994, when the cemetery was demolished.

It was also closed in 2002.

The owners bought the house in 1986 for $12,000, which was about $50,000 less than the price that they paid for it in 1967.

The buyer of the house told the Amaryville News and Record that the house was haunted, and that the property was a haunted house, but no one could say for sure if the house is actually haunted.

The house has a strange name, and it’s not a house, as it was in the film Amity, the Amady, the Cemetery.

It’s more like a haunted farmhouse.

The original owners of the home told the News and Rec that the Amish used to live here and that it’s a haunted place, but nobody knows for sure.

A lot of people think the house looks haunted, because there’s a big, big wooden sign on the front door.

But the house has nothing to do with the Amory Hills or the Amiy Hills.

The name Amity is not an Amity Hills or Amity Heights.

It stands for Amity Street.

The owner of the property told the paper that the old people who lived in the house used to be in the cemetery, and they’d leave a note on the wall that said, “Amity is a ghost and the cemetery is haunted.”

He also told the newspaper that the owners of that house would sometimes leave the keys of the building to someone who was very much a ghost.

The only way to know if the ghost is real or not is to find it and investigate it.

This house has been there since the early 1900s, and even though it’s been a haunted property, it was never officially registered.

So if you find the ghost, you have to go through the proper legal channels.

When the Amry Hillside cemetery was built, it took on the name of Amary Cemetery.

The cemetery was dedicated to the Amies, who died out in 1892.

When they died, Amory Hillside was abandoned and the property became the Amty Hillside Memorial Cemetery.

The cemetery is named after the cemetery where the Amay Hillside farm was located, but there’s also a small cemetery that is called Amity Memorial Cemetery, and there’s another cemetery on the other side of Amory.

That’s where the family who built the Amy Hillside house used the cemetery as a burial ground, so that’s why they named it after the house.

The first ghost story was told by a woman named Dorothy Amity.

She told the story of an old woman who died in Amary Hillside and her children were living in a house down the road.

She said that there was a young boy who lived down there, and he would sometimes visit the cemetery when he was sick.

But when he got better, he never came back.

That scared the old woman.

She went down to the cemetery to get her son back, and she said she saw a little boy and said, Oh, that’s my son, he’s back in the woods.

He said, Mom, he has a big box of ghost stories, so I’ll give you a tour.

And she went back down there and got him.

The boy told her that his grandfather was in a cemetery, that his grandmother had been buried there.

And he said, You mustn’t do that.

The old woman was so scared.

The man who lived at the house, his name was Bob Amity Jr., told the same story.

He also said that the boy had told him that his father had died in a graveyard nearby.

The man told Bob the same thing about his grandfather, and his grandmother.

And then the boy said, I don’t know if you’re telling the truth or not.

He went to the next house, and the man told him the same things.

He told him about a big old house that used to belong to the family that built the house and it was haunted.

Bob told his story, and I told mine.

It didn’t sound too crazy, but he was very skeptical about it.

It was Bob who told the people who live down there that the ghosts were real, and when he asked them about it,