How to spot the signs of a haunted house: Dogs & Cats in a modern-day cottage

In the early 1990s, when I was a young dog walker in Australia, we would often have to park our dog in a shed to be able to access the shed where the dogs were kept.

The shed was in the middle of a cul-de-sac, a narrow alleyway that was also the scene of numerous house fires.

Dogs and cats often were left alone in the shed, which was usually empty except for the occasional cat or dog.

In the absence of people, dogs would often wander the narrow alleyways of the cul-des-sacs.

We would often be amazed by how many dogs were roaming in the alleyways! 

One day a young man who was an avid dog walkers and cat enthusiast came into our shed, where we had just left our dog, and walked past our dog.

I didn’t realise at the time that the young man was a vet, but I had an uncanny ability to recognise what a dog is thinking. 

In a moment of panic, I jumped into the shed and ran into the yard to look for my dog. 

A few minutes later, I came to a door in the wall, which lead to the shed. 

As I entered the shed I saw a large dog sitting on the doorframe, which is exactly the sort of behaviour that a vet would normally see in a pet. 

I rushed to the door and, without missing a beat, opened the door, which had been locked from the inside.

The young man sat on the doorstep, watching me and my dog enter the shed through the unlocked door. 

Suddenly, I realised that I had been staring at a dog! 

As a vet vet, I was horrified by the thought of my own dog, who had been sitting on a doorframe in the house, waiting for me to open it, being attacked by a dog.

It was a nightmare! 

When I discovered the young vet had been attacked by an animal, I contacted the local police, who were soon on the case.

I immediately contacted the Australian Animal Rescue Society (AARSA), who also had my dog at the shed the next day. 

After a thorough investigation, we were able to determine that the incident was caused by an accidental or malicious death. 

The AARSA was able to identify the cause of the attack, and the dog was adopted from the shed into the home of a local resident. 

Since then, the shed has been converted into a veterinary facility. 

This is not the first time that I have seen a dog in the sheds. 

Two years ago, while walking my dog around the yard in the cul de-sac between our shed and the cul.

de-sac, I suddenly saw a dog and a human cross paths. 

Although I had no idea who it was, I felt a sense of excitement at the sight of the human being. 

It was quite shocking. 

Now, I have to make sure that the dogs I love are safe. 

 As an animal lover, I am extremely happy to have the AARS and AARCS on my side. 

For dogs that are at risk, the Aarsas Animal Rescue Program (ARA) offers free veterinary care for any dog or cat that is in a home with an owner who does not have access to a vet. 

Our foster-care programs are designed to provide veterinary care to dogs that have been neglected, abused or neglected by people or by animals.

Our foster-parents work with the dogs to make them happy and healthy. 

We also offer adoption and adoption services for dogs that need to be spayed or neutered. 

If you would like to learn more about the AARSas Animal Shelter, please visit their website at or call 1800 224 527. Read more On the front page of this blog are links to other local media stories. 

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