I live with a house and a bunch of chickens

I live in a small house with about 10 chickens and a dozen of them, a lot of different kinds of chickens.

They all come together to make a kind of house.

It’s a very traditional thing in Australia, where you’ve got a couple of houses, and then you’ve had chickens in the other house for the last 20 years.

It was just a very natural thing to do.

I’ve got my own garden, so there’s lots of space to grow things.

There’s a couple different kinds in my garden, a couple other kinds in the house.

The house is a lot more like a small garden, it’s not a big house, and the chickens are a lot smaller, but it has this really nice feel to it.

The idea was to keep it very organic, very little stuff, which is important for me.

But I’ve also just wanted to create this little environment that feels very different from my normal life.

The chicken and the garden I like.

I live at a house where chickens live, which has some very different aesthetic to the house in my neighbourhood, where there are chickens all over the place.

It has a different feel to a small place like me.

It really has a great feel to the whole house, even though it’s just one of those two houses, but we’ve got chickens all the time, and there’s a lot going on.