Pizza House: ‘I’m afraid we’re going to be the next restaurant’

In an exclusive interview with Football Italian, a Pizza House in the Florence neighborhood of Naples, Italy, owner Paolo Caccia said that it was “totally unacceptable” to rent a pizza to someone who had just come back from the Middle East.

“The pizza must be delivered to the owner.

It is a matter of principle,” Caccias said.

“It’s not about being generous, or to get the owner’s attention, or maybe to get him a better offer.

The owner is the one who is responsible for the delivery.

We have to do everything to make sure it’s done properly.”

He added that “it’s impossible to say” whether the pizza was prepared on a pre-selected oven and whether it was delivered to an apartment, as the owner did not have a working Internet connection.

Cacciamas wife and daughter, who are both serving in the Italian army, are also employed by the restaurant.

The pizza shop has become the subject of controversy after a group of activists from the anti-Islam PEGIDA movement began visiting the premises in September.

In a letter published on the anti–PEGIDA website, PEGID supporters claimed to have recorded a video of the pizzeria being rented to a group calling themselves the “Pizza Club.”

The group claimed that they were paid to conduct “anti-Islamic surveillance” at the restaurant, which is located on the first floor of the building.

“This is not a restaurant that is open to the public,” PEGIDS president and co-founder Andreas Lönnqvist said in a video.

“We’re here to do surveillance for the purpose of finding out what kind of pizza the Pizza Club is going to deliver.”

Cacciacas Pizza House was closed for the time being, as was his office, which has also been vandalized.

In the video, PETA members were shown being threatened with a wooden pole by a group that has been known to vandalize other businesses in the area.

PEGIDs leader Andreas Lottqvist also claimed that he had been threatened by a PETA member.

“I have been targeted by PETA because of my association with Pizza Club,” Lottvist said.

PETA has condemned the actions of PEGIS and PEGADIS activists and has threatened a “sit-in” at PEGO’s headquarters in Milan, Italy.

“These people are doing everything to harm the reputation of PETA, PAGO and PELP in the United States, as well as in Europe,” said the group’s president, James P. Korn, in a statement.

“They are spreading hate, hatred and violence.

The anti-PEGida and anti-Trump forces are not satisfied with PEGP’s silence.

They are determined to create a climate of fear, intimidation and violence against PEGI and PAGI’s supporters.”

PEGIFAN is currently at war with PELPs anti-Israel and anti–Semitic organizations.

The organization is the largest political organization in Italy, with more than 5 million members.