Why Chicago’s Bloxburg Houses Can’t Be Called Home

By now you’ve probably seen the ad that’s been running on TV and radio in Chicago for a while now: “Home is where the heart is.

So let’s put our families and the neighborhood first.”

The ad is sponsored by the Bloxbergs, a Chicago-based luxury home building company, which is based in a neighborhood known for its crime, high crime rates, and low quality of life.

The ad’s narrator says: “Bloxberg houses are the perfect place for families to start their own business or move into an apartment or condo in a safe neighborhood.”

The company describes itself as “the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of luxury residential housing,” which has produced some of the city’s most exclusive residential buildings in Chicago, like the Blixberg and the Blaxwell.

Bloxburghs CEO Steve Bloxfeld said in a statement that the company is “dedicated to making homes that are a pleasure to live in and that are truly sustainable.”

“We believe that when we can help our community, the city and our residents, we’re doing the right thing,” he said.

“We are committed to building affordable, quality, and environmentally-sustainable homes in our community and we know our homes will be appreciated by all.”

Bloxbachs houses in Chicago have been criticized by many for not being adequately protected against fires, not having adequate sprinkler systems, and for having poorly maintained and unsanitary conditions.

The company said it “continues to work diligently to address the issues and concerns of the community,” and that “in the short-term, our focus will shift to addressing the safety of our homes.”

The city’s inspector general, which investigated the properties, also found problems, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The inspector general’s report concluded that the buildings lacked adequate fire prevention systems and that the properties “were not adequately ventilated,” and “the buildings lacked the proper fire sprinkler system.”

The inspector, John Rizzo, found that many of the properties lacked adequate ventilation.

In one case, an area of the property was “not fully ventilated and smoke was evident,” Rizzos said.

He recommended that the property owners “implement a new fire suppression system.”

Blaxburgs told the Chicago Tribune that the ads “are an effort to influence public opinion on the merits of our building program.”

“This is nothing more than a political ploy to get a political message to the public that they need to be more cautious when choosing their place to live,” Blaxbergs chief operating officer Joe Blaxfeld said.

Blaxburghs spokesman told the Sun-Time that “this ad is not representative of our company and our company is not promoting a certain type of house in any particular neighborhood.”

Blixburghs houses are built in a style known as “conventional” and are typically built for families of four or more, according the company.

“The traditional house design has been proven to provide a more comfortable living environment, more secure living environments, and a more efficient living environment for occupants of our buildings,” Bloxhaus said in the statement.

“In addition, our house design allows for a wide range of options to allow for a variety of different living arrangements in our buildings.”

The ads are meant to show that homeownership is more affordable than renting, Bloxes spokesperson said.

The house is also built with modern materials, including a roof, a glass roof, and insulated windows.

Blixburgs has been criticized for its poor record in keeping its properties up to code, according an analysis by the Sun Times.

In 2017, the Sun reported that “the company had a poor record keeping and inspection record for residential properties in Chicago.”

In 2017 alone, the company’s inspector said that “more than $12 million was spent on building code violations” and “federal inspectors have repeatedly told the company it had to improve.”

In the statement to the Sun, Blaxhaus denied that the Blxburgs ad was about making money.

“As the owner and builder of many Chicago properties, we want to make sure that our properties are as safe as possible for our customers, neighbors, and employees,” he wrote.

“Our houses are made of steel, which means they are structurally sound and safe for all occupants.

We want our properties to provide safe, clean, and pleasant living environments.”

In addition to the Blxes ads, the Chicago City Council is considering a bill that would make it harder for people to build homes in Chicago.

A spokesperson for the Chicago Mayor’s office told Breitbart News that the city would not be commenting on the legislation, but that “we will be watching the situation closely and will work with the City Council to make recommendations.”

The bill, if passed, would prevent builders from building houses in “urban areas with high crime and blight.”

It also would prohibit the sale of homes in “populated areas where