Jeff Bezos home,territory,somewhere on Mars?

On Friday, the CEO of Amazon announced that he’s moving to a new house in the US and is going to have a lot of friends and family over.

In his announcement, Bezos said: “I’ve spent the last eight years building an incredible team and we have accomplished some amazing things.

But I want to take a break, to be with family and friends for a little while, and to spend some time with my family and to take some time to think about where we’re headed.”

The CEO said he would be leaving “a huge legacy” and thanked his family, friends and employees for their support.

“We are moving, and I’m going to take on a very new challenge,” he said.

“It’s been a very challenging time, but it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

He said he is “going to be a bit of a recluse for a while”, adding: “It is going be very, very hard to keep a secret from everybody.

But we’re going to find a way.”

He also revealed that he had “a very, VERY long-term plan for our business, which is a little bit more involved than we’ve ever done.”

In a recent interview, Bezos told Business Insider that he was working on a new version of his company’s cloud platform, called Amazon Web Services.

He said the new service would give Amazon the ability to build and deliver apps, which could then be accessed by other companies, like businesses.

He said Amazon had a long history of making its products available to others, which it said could now be done on a global scale.

“It’s a little like the old-school model, but we’ve done it better, and now we can make it really easy for other people to do the same thing,” he told Business Insiders.

“If you’re a small business, you can build an app that lets you sell a product.

If you’re building an app for the NHS, you could sell an app to make sure people don’t die from the pandemic.

And you can do the exact same thing for any other thing.”‘

The best business I’ve ever had’The CEO of the online retailer has been in his home for more than five years, and is now in his mid-70s.

The CEO had said he was not looking for a new home, but was in a bit more of a transition period, with “a lot of other stuff going on”.

“We’ve had some really incredible customers over the last few years.

I’ve spent a lot more time here than I’ve in my life, and the most important thing is to be happy with who I am,” he had said.”

But there are things I’m looking forward to, and there are some things I’d like to take time to get away from.

It’s the best business that I’ve had in my career.”

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, says he will be moving from the home of his wife and son to a “more traditional” place on the outskirts of Washington DC.ABC News: The best business in your lifetimeThe move is a major blow for many Americans who have long admired the billionaire and his philanthropic efforts.

The move comes amid increasing political pressure to give up the private jet, and amid concerns about climate change.

The move will make Bezos the second richest person in the world, after Bill Gates, with a fortune of $83.8 billion, according to Forbes.

In the meantime, Bezos is spending the last part of his life in his old home, a four-bedroom ranch in Virginia.

The new house will be named the “Jeff Bezos House” and it will include a guest house, office and gymnasium, Bezos’ office said in a statement.

“The move to Washington DC is a great opportunity for our family, as we look forward to a great future together,” the statement said.

Amazon is the largest publicly traded US company, with revenue of $75.8bn last year, according a recent report by the Washington Post.

Bezos is the co-founder and chairman of the company.

He was also a leading proponent of US President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and has donated $3.2m to the Trump Victory and the Republican Party.

He recently announced that the family’s second child will be born in 2018, adding that the new baby girl is “much better off” than the previous baby girl.

Bezos, who was born in 1946, has spent most of his career building businesses that have been a source of controversy.

In 2017, he stepped down as chairman of Amazon to focus on a broader business that had been largely overshadowed by Amazon’s political struggles.

His daughter Grace, now known as Grace Ingram, is now a prominent figure in Silicon Valley, and has launched several companies that focus on helping small businesses.

She has been praised for helping