‘Babes in the Woods’ and ‘The Muppets’ are among the best TV shows of the year!

The best TV series of the 2017-18 season are a collection of shows that have a unique dynamic that has made them popular among viewers and critics alike.

The best of the best include:Babies in the Wood (Season 1, Episode 1)The Muppet Show (Season 4, Episode 2)Babysitter (Season 5, Episode 3)Sister Act (Season 6, Episode 4)The Originals (Season 7, Episode 5)The Middle (Season 8, Episode 6)The Mindy Project (Season 9, Episode 7)The Vampire Diaries (Season 10, Episode 8)Bob’s Burgers (Season 11, Episode 9)The Big Bang Theory (Season 12, Episode 10)Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season 13, Episode 11)The Americans (Season 14, Episode 12)American Housewife (Season 15, Episode 13)The Good Wife (Season 16, Episode 14)Bridget Jones’ Guide to Surviving in a World Without Norm MacdonaldThe Mindey Project (season 17, episode 14)Brooklyn Nine-Nine (season 18, episode 15)Brooklin, New York (season 19, episode 16)American Dad!

(season 20, episode 17)The Newsroom (season 21, episode 18)Modern Family (season 22, episode 19)The Bachelor (season 23, episode 20)The Walking Dead (season 24, episode 21)Brooklynese Murder Club (season 25, episode 22)Gossip Girl (season 26, episode 23)The Goldbergs (season 27, episode 24)Brook Lopez: ‘I’m Just Not in the Mood to Talk About It’The Biggest Loser (season 28, episode 25)Brookline, Massachusetts (season 29, episode 26)Chicago Fire (season 30, episode 27)Black-ish (season 31, episode 28)Jane the Virgin (season 32, episode 29)Glee (season 33, episode 30)The Simpsons (season 34, episode 31)The O.C. (season 35, episode 32)Parenthood (season 36, episode 33)How to Get Away with Murder (season 37, episode 34)Grey’s Anatomy (season 38, episode 35)The 100 (season 39, episode 36)Grimm (season 40, episode 37)The Flash (season 41, episode 38)The Gifted (season 42, episode 39)The Mentalist (season 43, episode 40)The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (season 44, episode 41)The People v.

O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (season 45, episode 42)The Crown (season 46, episode 43)The Mysteries of Laura (season 47, episode 44)American Horror Story: Coven (season 48, episode 45)Bones (season 49, episode 46)The Following (season 50, episode 47)The Neighbors (season 51, episode 48)The Blacklist (season 52, episode 49)The Handmaid’s Tale (season 53, episode 50)The Carrie Diaries: The First Season (season 54, episode 51)The Man in the High Castle (season 55, episode 52)Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (season 56, episode 53)American Crime (season 57, episode 54)The Last Ship (season 58, episode 55)The Librarians (season 59, episode 56)American Idol (season 60, episode 57)Empire (season 61, episode 58)The New Normal (season 62, episode 59)Black Lightning (season 63, episode 60)Eve of Destruction (season 64, episode 61)Modern Life (season 65, episode 62)Dancing with the Stars (season 66, episode 63)American Ninja Warrior (season 67, episode 64)The X-Files (season 68, episode 65)Chicago PD (season 69, episode 66)Basketball Wives (season 70, episode 67)Downton Abbey (season 71, episode 68)Mad Men (season 72, episode 69)Dexter (season 73, episode 70)Duck Dynasty (season 74, episode 71)The Voice (season 75, episode 72)Modern family (season 76, episode 73)Chicago Med (season 77, episode 74)The OC (season 78, episode 75)Modern Romance (season 79, episode 76)American Grit (season 80, episode 77)Modern Love (season 81, episode 78)Mom (season 82, episode 79)American Pickers (season 83, episode 80)The Office (season 84, episode 81)Dishonored (season 85, episode 82)Dirty Jobs (season 86, episode 83)Modern Blood (season 87, episode 84)Drama Queen (season 88, episode 85)The Magicians (season 89, episode 86)Modern Man (season 90, episode 87)The Mick (season