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A house rabbit could soon be living in your living room.

The RTE is reporting that the bunny is being considered for a new home at the White House.

House Rabbit is the name of a British TV drama series that starred Tom Cavanagh and featured the rabbit as a member of the Royal family.

A rabbit, which is the main domestic animal of the United Kingdom, is one of the most widely used domestic pets in the UK.

The term rabbit is derived from the French word for “rabbit”, and was coined by French chef Claude Rains for his rabbit, Alsatian.

House Mouse is another popular rabbit, although its appearance has become somewhat of a stereotype in recent years.

The RTE report quotes a White House official as saying that “The bunny is a cute, friendly animal.

I know it’s a popular pet for people to have and we would love for them to be able to live in our house.”

The White House is expected to announce its plans for the bunny in the coming weeks.