$5M for new affordable housing units in San Francisco

San Francisco — A new affordable-housing development in the city’s Central Valley will provide housing for up to 50 families, as well as a park and playground.

The affordable housing project, known as The Mission, is in the area of the city of San Jose, with a total of 25 units available for sale, and will be located near the Mission BART Station.

The developers plan to build approximately 20 new affordable units, with the first phase of the development taking place next year.

“The Mission is an excellent site for housing and we look forward to partnering with local and national developers to bring more affordable housing to the Mission Valley,” said The Mission’s project manager, Mike Baucom.

“We will work with developers to develop a strong community connection that will benefit the area as well.”

In addition to housing, the developers are proposing a park, playground, and bicycle trails.

The Mission was designed by San Jose-based firm Tuck Architecture, which has previously developed projects in San Diego, New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia.

The developers are also building a park on the site, with plans to add a bike path in the coming years.

The developer is seeking a $50,000 deposit on the project from the San Jose Community Development Corporation (SDCC), which is a community partner of The Mission.

For more information on the development, visit http://www.themissionproject.com/