When I got the first house hunter…

A house hunter’s career can take up to five years, according to a new report.

House hunters are the last line of defense in an apocalypse, hunting the most valuable things.

The new report from Recode’s Sarah Kliff says house hunters can be successful with a few key investments, including: A house that has been fully remodeled to avoid the risk of flooding.

A house with a well-equipped basement.

A basement that can be built as a hotel.

The report details the investment that helps a house hunter stay ahead of the pack.

“Most house hunters are successful in their career because they have some kind of unique combination of skills,” Kliff writes.

“These skills, combined with a strong work ethic, allow them to thrive in the field.

But it’s not enough to just build the right house.

You also need to make sure you’re a good team player, too.”

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