When Peppa Pig’s Gene Wilder’s mansion is haunted by ghosts

When Peppys Gene Wilders mansion is ghosted by ghosts it is not a happy story.

Peppys mansion is located in the small town of Freetown, Rhode Island and it was originally owned by Gene Wildery, an American film actor who died in 1974.

It was sold to Peppa Puffs, an English family business that also has a mansion in New York City.

The house was purchased by the Wilders family for $100 million in 1993, and the property has been a haven for paranormal activity ever since.

The Wilders have said that the house is haunted because it is in an area of the country that has an extremely high number of paranormal occurrences.

It is often described as the “ghost capital of the world,” which is why locals call it “Gene Wilder Manor.”

While the house has been in use by the family since the mid-1980s, the Wilder house has also been subject to many paranormal activities, according to ABC News.

In a 2013 episode of the TV series Ghost Adventures, a resident of the house said that she felt like she was in a different room of the mansion.

She also said that her husband felt like he was in another room of her house, which he has never been able to explain.

A 2010 paranormal investigation into the mansion led to the police finding an ancient burial site that was partially covered with earth.