Gains from new minecraft farm on Vancouver Island could create hundreds of jobs

A new farm on the island of Vancouver Island is looking to add hundreds of new jobs and help expand the local economy.article A farm with six properties is looking for investors to help build a greenhouse, farm equipment and farm animals, with the hope of creating a sustainable local economy, said owner, Anna Wilder.

The greenhouse has been built in the past and is currently growing a variety of vegetables, including potatoes and sweet potato, and is the only greenhouse on the Island, said Wilder, who is also the CEO of the local non-profit and the First Nations Council of B.C. The greenhouse, which is expected to be finished by the end of 2019, will produce 100 tonnes of vegetables and produce over 300 tonnes of fresh produce annually, according to Wilder and her team.

The new farm will be located near the entrance to the Island.

A portion of the greenhouse will be used for commercial purposes, she said, and the remainder for community and recreational purposes.

The property has the ability to produce 100 tons of vegetables a year, which will be sold to local businesses.

The land is also looking to build a solar power station and a water filtration system, she added.

Wilder said the farm is looking at a mix of small-scale farming and big-scale farms in the future.

Wilder said she has been talking with First Nations people who are interested in purchasing the farm, and hopes to partner with other First Nations on future projects.